The Guide to Start a Melee Character in Fallout 4

This is a guide for the game Fallout 4 developed by the Bethesda. My guide is only suggestion and based on my opinion as the best way to build a character to specialize in melee combat. I encourage you to play around with the attributes and perks yourself and try to find a variation that you would enjoy the most.

The first step on building your melee character will be choosing attributes. Your attributes are Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. You can shorten it to S.P.E.C.I.A.L if you want. Attributes are important because they influence certain aspects of your character such as health, carry weight, action points, etc. They also determine what perks you can have access to throughout your game. For this guide I’ll focus on attributes that help with melee and discuss why. You are limited on how many points you can place on your character at the start of the game. Don’t worry though, as you can add more later on as you level up so when first making your characters it is best to place attributes where you can get the perks you need.

Strength- This is the most important stat for melee characters. You want to place at least 4 points into this stat for the perks.

Agility- This is the second most important. This stat increases your abilities in the VATS system. You want to place 9 points into agility for a really sweet perk that is great for melee characters as well as sneaky characters as well.

The next attributes are entirely optional pending on what you want.

Endurance- This helps increase your survivability. You get more health and armor in this attribute and a lot of the perks involve immunity to radiation. Don’t want to start growing another arm.

Intelligence- This attribute main grab is the Science! Perk. It also provides a passive experience increase.

Luck- Luck is an attribute that is good for any type of build since the perks available are really flexible. It even comes with an experience boost perk. Unfortunately Intelligence negatively effects this perk so you might want to make them excusive of each other. This stat also influences critical hits and your ability to find more treasure when searching for loot.

The next step is to decide which perks to choose. I will list important perks organized based on attribute for the sake of organization. When it comes to perks, they become available as you level up instead of all being available right off the bat.


The most important perks are going to be the ones that increases your damage capability with melee. There are two choices to pick from based on what you want to be.  I recommend choosing one and sticking with it as adding points to both would become rather redundant.

These two perks are the Iron Fist perk and the Big Leagues perks. Iron fist increases your fist damage while the Big Leagues perk increases your melee weapon damage. These two perks don’t stack so don’t expect to get benefits from both when going fist to fist. These perks also add a little bonus to your melee attacks such as disarming them, paralyzing them, or even knocking them into the air killing them.

The other two perks worth mentioning are the Armorer and the Blacksmith perks. Although these two perks don’t influence combat directly they are great for modifying your weapons to make them more efficient and even add bonuses to them.


The agility attribute has a lot of beneficial perks as melee and even more so if you decide to play a sneaky character who likes to stay hidden until they are about to strike.

The most important perk in this however is Blitz. This perk is a godsend for melee. This perk allows you to practically teleport your character to your target as long as they are within range through the use of VATS. Not only that but you can chain this for multiple targets as long as you have enough action points.

The other really useful perk is Action Boy/Girl. This help you regenerate action points a lot quicker allowing you to use VATS more often and heavy attacks.

Optional but also useful perks are Ninja which increases the amount of damage you do when catching a target off guard while sneaking. This is increased by 10x your normal damage at max ranked. The partner of this one is Sneak. This helps it so you can sneak up on enemies a lot better without being spotted.


Now that we have gotten the more important attributes out of the way I will talk about the more optional ones. Starting with Endurance.

Endurance is an attribute you want if you are struggling to stay alive. It has the toughness perk that provides direct damage resistance, Life Giver that gives more health and even a health regen, Ghoulish that makes you resistant to radiation to the point it even heals you, and there is also Aqua Boy/Girl. That perk allows you to breathe underwater and not be damaged by the radiation. All of these perks do have some use but you may find them to be useless later on in the game when you have plenty of items to survive with.

The next is Intelligence. Not only does this attribute come with bonus experience it also has the perk Science. Science allows you to modify your weapons and armor with tech. Think something along the lines of batons or swords with electricity. Every time you hit an enemy they get shocked dealing even more damage.

The last stat is Luck. Luck has a few noteworthy perks to choose from provided you put enough points into it. The perk Bloody Mess increases the amount of damage you do and will even cause your enemies to explode is a very gory scene. One I find useful is the Grim Reaper’s Sprint. This perk has a chance to regain all of your action points when you kill a target in VATS which if you are fallowing this guide, you will do a lot. There is also Four Leaf Clover which allows each hit in VATS to increase your critical hits. If you want a little more survivability then be sure to grab the 10 point perk Ricochet. Let’s be honest. In melee you are going to be shot at a lot. With this perk though You will have a chance for the bullet to bounce back and kill the enemy which is just as awesome as it sounds.


Notes: I found the best weapons to start off with are the switch blade and the baseball bat. You can find a switch blade from killing raiders. You can find the baseball bat in the first city outside of the starting zone you come across. There is also a sword you can get from a vendor that is a ways south of Red Rocket Truck Stop but it is very expensive and cost more than 2k bottle caps.


This concludes my guide for starting a melee character. Remember these are only suggestions that I am pointing out. Feel free to try and move things around and try different variations to suit what you want to do. If you want to play around with building a character then I recommend checking out the link below.